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Edited by  Paul B. Niell Stacie G. Widdifield



The promotion of classicism in the visual arts in late eighteenth and nineteenth-century Latin America and the need to “revive” buen gusto (good taste) are the themes of this collection of essays. The contributors provide new insights into neoclassicism and buen gusto as cultural, not just visual, phenomena in the late colonial and early national periods and promote new approaches to the study of Latin American art history and visual culture.

The essays examine neoclassical visual culture from assorted perspectives. They consider how classicism was imposed, promoted, adapted, negotiated, and contested in myriad social, political, economic, cultural, and temporal situations. Case studies show such motivations as the desire to impose imperial authority, to fashion the nationalist self, and to form and maintain new social and cultural ideologies. The adaptation of classicism and buen gusto in the Americas was further shaped by local factors, including the realities of place and the influence of established visual and material traditions.

Subjects: ArtLatin America

Contributor Bios
Stacie G. Widdifield is professor of art history at the University of Arizona. She is the author of The Embodiment of the National in Late Nineteenth-Century Mexican Painting.
Paul B. Niell is assistant professor of art history at Florida State University.

Latin American Women Filmmakers

Shoe Women's Altra Escalante Silver 5 1 Running AFW1833G Social and Cultural Perspectives
By  Traci Roberts-Camps